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19 1/4"W x 30 3/4"H




Organic Acrylic:  Acrylic on canvas with a custom antique frame.


There is something ancient about this series. The soft tones and hues and the way they stained the organic canvas feel old, tried, tested and true. The pieces in this collection point to a connection found between what we call modern and what we understand as ancient. I thought a lot about how God is referred to as the Ancient of Days. Objects like a compass, gyroscope, seasons, seaports and quantum physics came to mind as I painted.


Time bends, time stands, time expands & time limits.  Time exists in our realm, in our understanding, yet outside of our understanding it is known as something other.  Time yields our celebratory feasts, it announces our seasons and with it we are connected to the past, present and future.  Time connects us to the Ancient of Days, time connects us to Our Creator.


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I See Your Waters

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