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40"W x 60"H




Organic Acrylic:  Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.


Part of the Revelation Series.  A visual feast for hungry eyes. This series drops down into the inner places inviting the eyes & ears of the heart to open for contemplation of the Christ revealed in the book of Revelation.  It is a vastly different image than what we see in the Gospels.  The content of this ancient biblical text is hotly disputed, debated, contested, and one that demands upmost reverence and therefore is, nonetheless, sacred. No other book in the Bible gifts a blessing upon the souls of those who read it, so why not journey into an artistic expression of its metaphorical landscape?  


The gift of this series is a fresh perspective.  It is birthed out of my attempt to imagine the coming Christ detailed in Revelation, one with eyes burning like flames of fire, who holds seven stars in his hand, who has white hair like wool.  The imagery for me is like one who is above any wizard or chieftan force.  Come along, let's explore things foretold.


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Crystal Sea Mingles with Flickering Fire I

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